Combat Boots Designed for Military Personnel

Military Tactical BootsALTAI™ combat boots are a perfect solution for individuals in any branch of the Military, whether it be Army, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard or the Marine Corps. This tactical footwear option provides flexibility, durability, water resistance, abrasion resistance and a lightweight but sleek appearance all tied together with a specialized speed lacing system. Whether you are abroad or local, one of your best defenses is the correct tactical equipment.

Versatile Combat Boots

Combat Boots for Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, and More

If you’re an enlisted soldier, and are searching for a tactical combat boot that can protect you from anything that lies ahead, ALTAI™ boots outperform the rest. Solders must be adaptable and so should the tactical gear they rely on. Whether it is in training or the field, the ALTAI™ tactical boot provides the support, protection, grip, and comfort your feet need. Whether your work environment is in the desert, mountains, jungle or paved and civilized areas our boot can provide. Equip yourself with only the most technologically advanced tactical boots on the market today. This combat boot takes technology to the next level, combining materials that work together for a remarkable result. ALTAI™ combat boots are actually resistant to water, not doused in chemicals that quickly fade in effectiveness. The tactical footwear incorporates SuperFabric® into its construction, which is a breathable, water resistant and quick drying material. Along with other features, such as being lightweight, non-marking and extremely durable. ALTAI™ combat boots will aid you in your mission, whatever it may be.

High Performing Combat Boots

The demand is high for everyone in the Military, equip yourself with abrasion resistance and durability that can withstand harsh environments and the extreme circumstances you face daily. This truly is tactical combat footwear technology at its finest. Protect yourself in the desert, swamp, arctic, mountains or where ever your mission takes you by choosing boots that have been specifically designed to fit your adaptability needs.