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Durable Camping Footwear

Camping FootwearWhen you are out in the elements alone, with the family, or even with a squad training, having your feet protected by aggressive materials is a must. For the most durable camping footwear on the market today, have ALTAI™ be your chosen brand of excellence while you punish the earth below you. Read Full Post

Canoe Hiking Boots

Canoe & Hiking FootwearWhen looking for a canoe hiking boot there are many requirements that need to be met in order for the purchase to satisfy you, at the least. Our line of ALTAI™ Boots offers the perfect footwear solution for your canoe and camping trip. With our rugged VIBRAM soles, you’ll have solid traction on land and in water. Read Full Post

Footwear to Travel the World In

Footwear to Travel InDo you wish you could stop your hectic life and take some time to travel the world? Well, for some individuals traveling the world is an actual part of their life. For the types that are planning an adventure across the globe, it is important that you invest in travel boots that will keep your feet protected and will provide the support and comfort needed for long days on your feet. Our team at ALTAI™ specializes in creating dynamic footwear for outdoor adventures. Read Full Post

Product Review of ALTAI Boots in Action

Tactical FootwearThis day in age, product reviews have never had a greater impact on business success. Before the internet, it was a lot harder to find reliable reviews on products that you were interested in. Now, reviews are posted on company websites and can easily be found on search engines as well. When it comes to quality tactical boots, hearing reviews from individuals that have truly tested boots is very important in the purchasing process. Read Full Post

Quality Hiking Boots

Tactical Boots for HikingThe anatomy of a human foot is made up of a very complex system with more than 100 muscles, tendons and ligaments. Each foot has multiple bones and almost three dozen joints. Quality footwear is very important for the protection and function of your feet as you set out on a hiking excursion. Technologically Advanced Hiking Footwear from ALTAI™ Gear is designed to Protect Your Foot’s Structure from harm while giving you a Comfortable Boot Last. Read Full Post

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