Tortoise & Hare Footwear

When you walk into Tortoise & Hare Footwear, it is almost certain that you will be greeted by someone from the Stukel family. Jim and Mary started in the shoe business in 2001 as a franchise of The Athlete’s Foot in the Denfeld Center. Ten years later the name was changed to Tortoise & Hare Footwear, and in 2016 the shop was moved to its current location at 40th Avenue West and Grand Avenue. Their sons, Andy, Matt, and Mike have grown up in the shoe business. On family outings they would grumble as we always had to stop in shoe stores along the way. By the age of sixteen, each of them took their place on the sales floor to work with customers.

Andy works full time on the sales floor and customer service after he returned to Duluth from umpiring in Minor League Baseball last spring. Matt also works on the sales floor, and is graduate of UMD and with a passion to see the world and new adventures. Mike works on the sales floor as well, and has a few years of college under his belt. He seems to enjoy the business, hanging out with the family and being a part of the day-to-day activities. Mary’s sisters have also been a part of the store fabric. Linda takes care of bills, payroll, and taxes. Judy worked as a sales associate for many years!

Visit Tortoise & Hare Footwear at 4002 Grand Ave, Duluth, MN 55807 (218) 624-4840), or on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram!