ALTAI™ Tactical Boot Testimonial Reviews

Midwest Police Commander’s Review

When the day came to an end we were exhausted. I looked down at my muddy feet and I was convinced that I had just destroyed my boots. I saw a couple of my partners take their boots off and wring out their socks. Their feet were white and shriveled. When I took mine off, I was extremely amazed to find out that my socks and feet were completely dry. I am here to tell you that I am 100% convinced that these boots are incredibly WATERPROOF!!!
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Whether you’re in law enforcement, the military, or an outdoor adventurer, these boots are built to last. Face any obstacle with ALTAI™ tactical boots
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Gear Junkie Says:

Unlike most big boots they do not feel controlling. The sole is flexible, and the boots are comfortable out of the box. On a hike the uppers flex and move as you step over rocks. The outsole grips with a medium tread of Vibram rubber. If you’re a fan of the combat look, these boots give a stealth aesthetic in a high-performance, tactical package that’s still comfortable hiking down the trail.
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Florida Hillbilly Says:

I’ve stomped around in them trying to break, brush, scuff, or damage them in any way. I’ve stomped on cactus, climbed trees (ok, not much – I’m not as spry as I used to be.), and waded into swamps and brackish waters. They’ve simply laughed at anything I’ve thrown at them, including wearing them without socks. (Don’t try this at home, I”m a professional.)
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Geek Prepper Says:

If I’m going to review boots, I am going to live in them. I’m going to climb, slip, and stomp around from more than a day or two. When I review any gear, like a boot, I’m not going to make the supplier happy. I am very clear about that right from the beginning. ALTAI™ didn’t even hesitate. They seemed pretty sure of themselves.
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Police Magazine Says:

Such versatility is due in part to the boot’s sole. A lightweight Vibram outsole with hiking tread provides oil- and slip resistance, as well as stability on the uneven surfaces officers often find themselves on.
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The boots were comfortable enough during initial testing. Within a week they were fully broken in and I never experienced any wear marks on my feet. Let’s be honest: with some boots, you don’t break them in – they break you in. That wasn’t the case with the ALTAI’s.
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The very first thing I noticed about the ALTAI™ MF Tactical Boot is how super light-weight they are. We are talking about a 9″ high boot that weighs only about 23-ounces for the pair! It just doesn’t seem right that boots this light-weight are so rugged. Go figure! In spite of their light weight, they are tough boots, to be sure!
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Reality Survival Says:

ALTAI™ MF Tactical Boots Rock! I have been wearing the ALTAI™ MF Tactical boots for about three months now and I can say that I have been pleasantly surprised with the comfort and durability of these boots. I typically wear Wolverine boots and anyone who has ever worn a set of Wolverine boots knows that they are some of the most comfortable boots on the market. The ALTAI™ MF Tactical boot is every bit as comfortable as my set of Wolverines, without a doubt.
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From the moment I put them on, I could tell they were different from similar-styled tactical boots; much lighter, and more comfortable. Out of the box, it was evident that this was a quality pair of boots. They were well-constructed and the materials seemed durable. In my opinion, these boots are worth buying. You’re not going to find other boots in this price range that are this lightweight and durable.
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