ALTAI™ Boot Technology


What is the ALTAI™ Outperformance Test™?

This test, very simply, asserts that ALTAI™ boots will outperform any other boots on the market in the combined areas of comfort, light weight, and durability.

Custom Comfort

In addition to the comfort provided by lightweight, flexible, U.S.A.-made SuperFabric® material, ALTAI™ boots are built using a custom last that fits and feels just like a sneaker; that backed with EVA midsole and Vibram® outsole makes for arguably the most comfortable boots on the market.

Speed Lacing

Most other boot brands claim to have a speed lacing system. ALTAI™ will challenge any of those brands to a race. The precise combination of Cordura® gussets, sausage link laces, metal eyelets (open eyelets at the top), and a secure, advanced rubber mudguard ensures the quickest tie, in a one-and-done fashion.

Durability and Light Weight
From the daily grind, to the deep woods, U.S.A.-made SuperFabric® material provides remarkably strong abrasion/scuff resistance, while it also maintains seemingly impossible light weight in ALTAI™ boots.
Water Resistance
The unique composition of U.S.A.-made SuperFabric® material is both water resistant and breathable, in that water molecules are too large to penetrate the material and will simply bead up on the surface, while air molecules are small enough to escape and will breezily flow in & out.
Stain Resistance
Regardless of color, U.S.A.-made SuperFabric® material is stain resistant and almost too easy to clean. ALTAI™ boots will clean up with a quick run of the hose, extreme quick-dry to boot.
Vibram® is a well-recognized and trusted name for quality and long-lasting outsoles that perform to the highest degree. Vibram® outsoles feature non-marking, slip-resistant compounds combined with wide perimeter lugs that perform consistently in both wet and dry conditions in a variety of terrains. The Vibram® TC4 Compound outsole is found on every ALTAI™ boot ensuring durable oil, heat and slip-resistant performance in a lightweight, and long-wearing boot. The TC4 Compound is also compliant for flight.
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