ALTAI™ Boot Technology


The SuperFabric® materials are used in the upper. SuperFabric® technology consists of highly abrasion resistant and durable materials that are made to withstand and conquer through harsh environments and rough applications. The flexible fabric has an overlaid surface of tiny, evenly distributed plates of protection; creating an amazingly light and breathable material that dries rapidly and resists much of the normal wear and tear of daily use.


SuperFabric® guard plates protect the underlying soft breathable materials providing durability with looks to match. SuperFabric® is used on ALTAI™ boots allowing them to stay looking great while never sacrificing performance.

Water Resistance

SuperFabric® is highly water resistant, which makes it an excellent boot upper. Combine that with its high levels of breath-ability, not to mention the soft, comfortable feel, you won’t have a reason to ever take the ALTAI™ tactical boots off.

Quick Drying

SuperFabric® dries up to 10 times faster than leather. This is because it doesn’t absorb water; therefore any liquid contact does not pose a threat. The extreme drying speed is just another one of the many advantage of the ALTAI™ boots.


Vibram® is a well-recognized and trusted name for quality and long-lasting outsoles that preform to the highest degree. Vibram® outsoles feature non-marking, slip resistant compounds combined with wide perimeter lugs that preform consistently in both wet and dry conditions in a variety of terrains. The Vibram® TC4 Compound outsole is found on every ALTAI™ boot ensuring durable oil, heat and slip resistant performance, in a light weight, and long wearing boot. The TC4 Compound is also compliant for flight.


ALTAI™ Speed Lacing System

Practicality is important, especially in a working environment; this reason is why we have designed the ALTAI™ tactical boots to have an efficient, speed lacing system. This feature quickens the time it takes to ‘boot up’ and allows for a more sturdy and tight pull when tying the tactical boot. It also secures the laces for a continuous hold, without any loosening, when being worn all day. The design permits the wearer to quickly tie using a figure-eight method. The eyelets are a rustproof, black metal and are yet another strong but lightweight feature adding to the durability and superiority of this, already well equipped, tactical boot.

ALTAI™ Boot Last

If you are familiar with shoes, you are familiar with the term ‘last’. The last of a shoe, in this case a tactical boot, is the shape that is formed on the inside of the shoe, where your foot goes. Many in the shoe industry say ‘the last comes first’, which is true, no one will wear a shoe for an extended period of time without a comfortable and somewhat giving space for their feet. Breaking in a shoe is a common result of a poor formed last. ALTAI™ boots need no ‘breaking in’, they are as comfortable from the first day you wear them to the last (if you see such a time).

Waterproof & Breathable Tactical Boots

Many boots claim to be waterproof. Usually their waterproof trait is due to a process of treating the materials with waterproofing chemicals. The treatment is only located on the surface and will lose its effectiveness rather quickly. ALTAI™ tactical boots have materials, construction and inner liners that provide as a robust waterproof solution, to the core. Each and every material used in this tactical boot repels, withstands and offers breath-ability, for a truly waterproof solution, that is not just sprayed on.