Key Features of the ALTAI™ Tactical Boots

[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][cq_vc_hotspot image=”4633″ icontype=”icon” fonticon=”fa-plus-square,fa-plus-square,fa-plus-square,fa-plus-square,fa-plus-square,fa-plus-square,fa-plus-square,fa-plus-square,fa-plus-square,fa-plus-square,fa-plus-square,fa-plus-square” position=”25%|70%,15%|77%,39%|64%,44%|55%,65%|65%,72%|45%,13%|57%,32%|32%,63%|23%,25%|53%,8%|60%,11%|35%” iconbackground=”#a3752b” circlecolor=”#ffffff”][hotspotitem] SuperFabric® Upper EXTREMELY ABRASION RESISTANT AND DURABLE; LIGHTWEIGHT AND FLEXIBLE; STAIN RESISTANT [/hotspotitem] [hotspotitem] Wide Heel Pull EASY ON, EASY OFF [/hotspotitem] [hotspotitem] Metal Eyelets SUPERIOR STRENGTH; SOLID HOLD [/hotspotitem] [hotspotitem] Padded Cordura® Nylon Tongue and Gusset RELIABLE DURABILITY [/hotspotitem] [hotspotitem] Advanced Mudguard ENHANCES WATERPROOFING; EASY TO CLEAN [/hotspotitem] [hotspotitem] Leather or SuperFabric® or Polishable Leather Toe Cap DEPENDING ON THE MODEL [/hotspotitem] [hotspotitem] Sausage Link Laces NEVER COMES UNTIED! [/hotspotitem] [hotspotitem] Vibram® Outsole HIKING/TREKKING OUTSOLE FOR SUPERIOR PERFORMANCE; ANTI-CLOGGING LUGS (REDUCES MUD, DIRT, AND DEBRIS IN THE OUTSOLE) [/hotspotitem] [hotspotitem] Custom Last INSTANT COMFORT, FIT, AND FEEL (NO BREAK-IN PERIOD!) [/hotspotitem] [hotspotitem] Speed Lacing System OPEN EYELETS AT TOP (FOR QUICK LACING ON THE GO) [/hotspotitem] [hotspotitem] Padded Collar ENHANCED COMFORT (FOR LONG WEAR PERIODS); ADDITIONAL ANKLE SUPPORT [/hotspotitem] [hotspotitem] EVA Midsole SUPERIOR COMFORT AND ANTI-FATIGUE; SHOCK ABSORPTION [/hotspotitem][/cq_vc_hotspot][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] There are multiple attributes that make up the benefits provided by ALTAI™ tactical boots. Their superiority is not due to one, single component, it is the precise combination of all aspects, working together, that create the highly sought after traits. These efficient tactical boots have specific focuses for each function, from the top shaft, to the midsole, outsole, tread, even the laces, every aspect has been specifically accounted for and designed, which results in an unmatched tactical boot that outperforms the rest. Learn More About The Technology Behind These Features [/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]