Tactical Boots Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are my ALTAI™ boots waterproof?
    The ALTAI™ boots  are 100% waterproof. The ALTAI™ boots pass a 500,000 underwater flex test (equivalent to walking 50km) without any signs of leakage.
  • Will my ALTAI™ boot take a polish?
    Yes, the toe caps of the ALTAI™ MF Tactical boots (MFT100 & MFT100-S) are 100% full grain leather and designed for law enforcement officers who require their duty boots to have a polished toe. The rest of the ALTAI™ line is made with highly stain resistant SuperFabrt requiric® material, which does not a polish, in the toe cap.
  • Are my ALTAI™ boots stain resistant?
    The use of SuperFabric® materials in the ALTAI™ line of tactical boots has allows for a high resistance to stains. The SuperFabric® guard plates allow for extreme protection of the fabric underneath, which make it easy to clean and look brand new. For more information on SuperFabric®, check out our ALTAI™ Technology page.
  • When will my order ship?
    Here at ALTAI™,  when you order your boots, they are shipped within 48 hours from our facility. This does exclude orders received over weekends and holidays.
  • Do you ship internationally?
    All ALTAI™ orders can be shipped within the U.S. at no cost to the customer for standard shipping.  For international orders, we are able to ship but do ask that the customer pay for any shipping charges associated with the order.  International customers are responsible for all customs and duty fees charged by the respective courier.

    • ALTAI™ requires a valid credit card at time of purchase and reserves the right to charge any customs or duty fees (charged by the courier) that are unpaid by customer after shipment has been received.
    • Please contact us directly at info@altaigear.com to place your order or for any questions.
  • What size should I purchase?
    We typically recommend trying at least a ½ size smaller than your tennis shoe size. Please remember that we offer free standard shipping on one size exchange for all boots purchased on ALTAIgear.com in the event that you need to exchange your boot for a different size. Subsequent size exchange requests may be subject to shipping charges and determined on a case by case basis.

    1. What about women’s sizes?
      For women’s sizes, we recommend going down at least a full size from what you traditionally wear. As always, the ALTAI™ team will take care of customers that are in need of a different size.
    2. What about wide feet?
      For more information on specific size ranges, please contact us directly at info@altaigear.com.
  • What is your return policy?
  • What are payment options?
    • We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, and PayPal.
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  • How do I find out about new styles, promotions, events, etc?
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  • What is SuperFabric® and why is it such an important piece to my footwear?
    SuperFabric® materials are used in the upper and in some toe caps. SuperFabric® technology consists of highly abrasion resistant and durable materials that are made to withstand and conquer harsh environments and rough applications. The flexible fabric has an overlaid surface of tiny, evenly distributed plates of protection, creating an amazingly light and breathable material that dries rapidly and resists much of the normal wear and tear of daily use.