ALTAI® 8″ Waterproof Side Zip Black Boots Model: MFT100-Z

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ALTAI® 8″ Black Waterproof Boots Model: MFT100-Z

Color: Black

    Extremely abrasion-resistant and durable; lightweight and flexible; stain resistant
    Quick on, quick off; secure, reliable support
    Instant comfort, fit, and feel (NO BREAK-IN PERIOD!)
    Hiking/trekking outsole for superior performance; anti-clogging lugs (reduces, mud, dirt, and debris in the outsole)
    Superior comfort; anti-fatigue; shock absorption
    Enhanced comfort (for long wear periods); additional ankle support
    Reliable durability
    Easy on, easy off
    Open eyelets at the top (for quick lacing on the go)
    Superior strength; solid hold
    Never comes untied!
    Enhances waterproofing; easy to clean
    Professional looking zipper duty boots

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6 reviews for ALTAI® 8″ Waterproof Side Zip Black Boots Model: MFT100-Z

  1. Gabe

    Are these ever coming out?

  2. Gabriel Constante (verified owner)

    I’ve had these boots now for almost a month. I’m a Corrections Officer that works 12 hour shifts. These boots are extremely light so your foot fatigue will be minimum. There was a short break in period, maybe 3 days. I cannot attest to the water proof-ness because there hasn’t been an occasion to go through water yet. I’ve got a lot of positive comments on the look of these boots. If I could change 2 things about them though they would be 1)make the finger loop in the back about 1 inch larger. I’ve got small hands and my pointer finger barely fits. 2) double the width that the side zip opens. Most of us that buy side zip boots do so for ease of getting them on and off without unlacing the boots. However with the narrow opening after being unzipped its still not possible. You’re still required to unlace your boots every time. I hope in future updates to these boot these issues can be resolved. Overall i’m very satisfied with these boots so far.

  3. arron ellis

    Had these probably 2.5 months. Best boot that i have used since starting corrections 5 years ago. Ive beat on these and that perform for all operations. Thanks altai i will be sending co workers!

  4. Jordan

    I walk an average of 12 miles a day at work, in very wet and muddy conditions. My last pair of Altai boots lasted almost 8 months before the soles separated and fell off, and the waterproofing lasted almost 6 months… Pretty good for a $140 pair of boots. I’ve had more expensive ones that didn’t last as long, and stopped keeping water out much sooner.
    They were extremely comfortable even after a long hard day, and the uppers, laces, rivits and hooks all held up just fine. When I found out I could get the same pair with a side-zip for a bit more money I was excited because I lost most of the 4 fingers on my left hand in an accident, so tying my boots is not as easy (and much more time consuming) than it used to be.
    The trouble is that the side-zip simply doesn’t work. The zipper itself seems high quality, and the Velcro tab is a nice touch, but even after a month of break-in I still can’t get them on or off using just the zipper! The whole point of spending the extra money for the side-zip is defeated if I still have to lace and unlace, tie and untie them every time I take them on or off! They’re still a good quality boot for the price, but I’d rather have saved some money and bought the regular ones again since the zipper is so incredibly useless. Regular 8 inch Altais get 4 stars, but I can’t bring myself to give the side-zips more than a 2.

  5. chargerharleybuf

    Best boots I ever owned. Extremely comfortable out of the box, and very rugged.

  6. mike.running (verified owner)

    Great boots. Just ordered my second pair; first pair are still going strong but the polish has seen better days. Lightest boot I’ve ever owned. Breathable yet waterproof; walked up a river during a rescue up to my waist and my toes were still dry. Living and working in northern Minnesota I wear them just as much off duty than I do on duty.

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