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How to Pick the Best Socks for Your Boots

Behind every great pair of boots, is a great pair of socks. We’ve all experienced a horrible mismatch between the two: too hot, too ‘slippery,’ blistery, the list goes on. Finding the right match between which socks to wear with your boots can mean a world of difference while you’re on your feet for extended [...]

The History of the Combat Boot – We’ve come a long way, baby

The history of the combat boot in the military. Footwear for warfare; it’s come a long way since its first emergence onto the battlefield. Since the 1700s, combat boots have been a critical component to a soldier’s arsenal of gear. Frontline troops spend extended hours in their boots, trudging through the roughest of terrains. The [...]

Happy Armed Forces Day, from ALTAI™.

Happy Armed Forces Day from the team at ALTAI™. Bringing our week-long celebration to an appropriate end, we want to honor all of the branches of the United States military, on this day, Armed Forces Day. Many of us, including some of us at ALTAI™, know of or are close to someone in a branch [...]

ALTAI™ Is Honoring Armed Forces Week: Coast Guard

Armed Forces Week Our last, but certainly not least, branch of the armed forces that we are spotlighting this week is the United States Coast Guard. Yes, they are a part of the Armed Forces but unlike its fellow Armed Forces branches, it does not belong to the Department of Defense. With around 40,000 members [...]

ALTAI™ Is Honoring Armed Forces Week: Air Force

Armed Forces Week What would be Armed Forces week if we didn’t celebrate the United States Air Force? With its origins in the U.S. Army, branched off on their own in 1907. Being the only branch of Armed Forces that fought directly with the Soviet Union, you can bet these ‘boots in the air’ are [...]

ALTAIgear™ Is Honoring Armed Forces Week: Navy

Armed Forces celebrations continue as today we highlight the United States Navy and what makes this branch of the military exemplify the ever-inspiration moto: “Not for self, but for country.” For a group of people who are literally trained to process fear differently from the rest of us, you can bet the Marines are some [...]

ALTAI™ Is Honoring Armed Forces Week: Marine Corps

ALTAI™ celebrates Armed Forces Week Today we put the spotlight on the US Marine Corps, most known for their elite skills and ability to execute combined-arms task forces in a wide variety of combat situations. The Marines are often known for their amphibious capabilities, but you might be surprised to know their first successful amphibious [...]

ALTAI™ Is Honoring Armed Forces Week: Army

Each day, we will highlight one branch of the military that deserves recognition in honor of this coming Friday, May 20th, Armed Forces Day. Today, we put the spotlight on the men and women who serve the Army, perhaps the most well-known branch of the Armed Forces. The oldest branch of the Armed Forces, even [...]

Boots for Law Enforcement

Boots for Law EnforcementBeing a law enforcement officer is no easy task. One of the most difficult parts about the job is that you never know what each work day will bring. You could find yourself behind a desk doing paperwork, chasing a criminal through difficult terrain, or trying to pull a vehicle out of deep mud. In order to be a successful law enforcement officer, your boots can not hold you back from whatever environment you are dealt during your work day. The best way to ensure that your boots don’t hold you back is to invest in a reliable, comfortable and protective pair of boots that are built to last. At ALTAI™, that is exactly what you get when choosing to use our lightweight and waterproof tactical boots, plus even more!

Combat Boots for Military Personnel

Combat Boots for Military PersonnelFor military personnel, knowing that you’re working with reliable equipment is a number one priority; that includes your military apparel from your head to your feet. At ALTAI™ Gear, we feel that one of the most important pieces of military tactical gear you can have is a pair of ALTAI™ combat boots. These tactical boots are like no other, offering amazing comfort and dependability. If you’re looking for a durable combat boot that will carry you through any situation in any terrain, look no further than ALTAI™ Gear in Oakdale, Minnesota. This tactical footwear is perfect for local or overseas military and law enforcement personnel, meeting all of your needs on a day-to-day basis.