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ALTAI™ heads to Game Fair 2018 with UWC Adventures

  August is a busy month for the ALTAI™ team! This weekend, August 17-19, we are headed to the 2018 Game Fair with our partners, Ultimate Waterfowlers Challenge (UWC Adventures), in Anoka, Minnesota. (Right in our backyard!) If you live near the Twin Cities area, you won’t want to miss this family friendly, outdoor sporting [...]

ALTAI™ Pro Tip: Cleaning the Insides of Your Boots

If you have a pair of our boots, you understand the benefits of having ONE pair that does it all. From work to play, like a trusty friend, your boots are with you through it all. You already know how easy it is to clean the exterior of our boots (just a hose and a [...]

ALTAI™ Update: Refreshed Inventory

ALTAI™ Update: We've Refreshed Our Inventory! It's your lucky day and just in time for the mid-summer heat! We have recently refreshed inventory of select sizes from some of our most popular styles! Now is the perfect chance to get that back-up pair of boots for the pair you already love. Or tell a friend; [...]

ALTAI™ Pro Tip: How To Get The Most From Your Hiking Boots

Comfort is something that is unique to each individual, especially when it comes to our footwear. So even when you find the perfect boot for hiking, here are some things to consider for total comfort that fits your specific needs. Socks For Hiking Boots Whether you will be trekking through the desert or crossing mountain [...]

ALTAI™ Spotlight: The History of the Hiking Boot

Definition - hike,verb; walk for a long distance, especially across country or in the woods. Since the moments humans first walked the earth, you can be we were doing just that: walking. Walking upright, on two feet, gave us survival advantages in environments like the forest and grasslands. Two free hands and a unique, elevated view, [...]

ALTAI™ Pro Tip: How To Choose the Right Combat Boot

   How to choose the right combat boot: the choices seem endless. There are a number of factors when considering the right combat boot for your needs. Here we address environmental obstacles we keep in mind when designing every pair of ALTAI™ boot. No matter the brand of boot you choose, here are some challenges [...]

ALTAI™ Speed Lacing: Fast, Simple, and Secure

If you have a complex system for lacing your boots to fit your unique needs, then we challenge you to a new, simpler way to keep your feet comfortable and snug, without wasting any extra time. While some lacing systems like the Ladder lacing system offer a secure fit, we wanted to save you time [...]

ALTAI™ Salutes: Memorial Day

We would like to take a moment to remember the sacrifices made for the sake of our country and our freedoms. Memorial Day is a day to honor the fallen heroes of our Armed Forces and to carry on their legacies as we continue to live as free Americans. Here, at ALTAI™, we send our gratitude [...]