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ALTAI™ Pro Tip: How To Choose the Right Combat Boot

   How to choose the right combat boot: the choices seem endless. There are a number of factors when considering the right combat boot for your needs. Here we address environmental obstacles we keep in mind when designing every pair of ALTAI™ boot. No matter the brand of boot you choose, here are some challenges [...]

ALTAI™ Speed Lacing: Fast, Simple, and Secure

If you have a complex system for lacing your boots to fit your unique needs, then we challenge you to a new, simpler way to keep your feet comfortable and snug, without wasting any extra time. While some lacing systems like the Ladder lacing system offer a secure fit, we wanted to save you time [...]

ALTAI™ Salutes: Memorial Day

We would like to take a moment to remember the sacrifices made for the sake of our country and our freedoms. Memorial Day is a day to honor the fallen heroes of our Armed Forces and to carry on their legacies as we continue to live as free Americans. Here, at ALTAI™, we send our gratitude [...]

A Boot To Rule It All: Multi-Purpose, Multi-Functional, ALTAI™ Boots

Who wears tactical boots and why? A wide variety of people wear tactical boots, such as law enforcement officers, first responders, outdoor enthusiasts, and more. These folks require footwear that can perform in a variety of physically stressful situations, as well as extended time out in harsh elements. When we originally set out to create [...]

Inside ALTAI™: Why Vibram® Puts the ‘Soul’ in our Soles

There is little doubt that a quality, rugged boot must have a top performing outsole. Whether you are trudging through dense forest or chasing criminals in the concrete jungle, the outsole is one of the first components in your footwear that will attest to its worthiness. This is why we use Vibram® outsoles in all of [...]

23 Ways Hiking Makes You Healthier

Hiking is one of the unique ways in which you can explore or get to know about a new place. It is also the best way to stay healthy and the one which does not include any kind of whiskey bar clash with the bikers. Besides the crowded city environment, hiking will help you to [...]

ALTAI™ in Central Park: SummerStage NYC 2018

We are proud to announce our sponsorship of musician Richard Barone as he puts on a much anticipated show at the upcoming SummerStage in Central Park this August! Here are more details about the event, a summer night in New York City to never forget!   ‘MUSIC + REVOLUTION: GREENWICH VILLAGE IN THE 1960s’ Hosted [...]

ALTAI™ Pro Tip: How To Clean ALTAI™ Tactical Boots

With the extreme conditions you put your feet through everyday, a durable boot that cleans easily is a must. We believe a durable mud-covered boot is only as good as its ability to look fresh and new. So here's our ALTAI™ Pro Tip on how to get our boots so clean, that mud puddle over the [...]

Tactical Boots: A Step Above The Rest

In a sea of footwear for rugged activities, you may find yourself wondering, "Who wears tactical boots and why?" Well it turns out, there are a wide variety of professionals from hunters to law enforcement professionals who greatly benefit from tactical boots over any other style of footwear. Law enforcement officers were the original inspiration [...]

Spring into 3 New ALTAI™ Retail Locations

Spring into new ALTAI™ retail locations! Looking for that perfect pair of warm-weather exploration boots? Now you have three new locations where you can try the most comfortable, light weight, durable boots on the market! And KNOW that your feet will stay dry and cool because of proprietary waterproof/breathable SuperFabric® material! Step into these retail [...]