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ALTAI™ Hero Spotlight: Grand Rapids Police Throw Birthday Party for Bullied Child

Today we put the Hero Spotlight on a very special story involving the Grand Rapids Police and a 9 year old boy's birthday. Young Thomas Daniel was seen missing his school bus but what started out to be rough morning, turned into a memorable celebration. Officer Austin Lynema noticed Thomas' misfortune and while helping [...]

National Boot Giveaway

“I DONUT need a reason to THANK a cop” By Tyler Carach   Tyler “Donut Boy” Carach’s mission is to directly thank each individual Law Enforcement professional in the U.S. for their commitment and service to their communities. In order to support Tyler's mission, I DONUT need a reason to THANK a cop has teamed [...]

ALTAI™ Key Features – SuperFabric® Uppers

Today on our blog, we turn our heads to some of our best key features; what sets our boots apart from the rest. One component definitely stands apart, quite noticeably, our SuperFabric® uppers. Breathable AND waterproof, resistant to scuffs and scrapes, SuperFabric® is the ultimate in lightweight durability. Without heavy leather than can weigh even [...]

ALTAI™ Hero Spotlight: Checking in with Donut Boy

Today we catch up with our favorite young hero, Tyler Carach of I Donut Need A Reason To Thank A Cop, also famously known as the Donut Boy. Years back, Tyler kicked off his charitable contributions by simply asking his mom if he could buy some donuts for law enforcement officers he spotted at their [...]

ALTAI™ Insight: Exploring the Wilderness

Today's ALTAI™ Insight has been brought to you by our fabulous guest writer, Katlyn Spade. Untether and Recharge: What to Know About the Joys of Traversing the Wilderness The idea of camping is one that is immensely popular and has a special place in American hearts. Around 77 million households in the US have a [...]

ALTAI™ Retailer Spotlight: The Cop Shop, Massapequa New York

Yet another quick spotlight on one of our newest retailers, hailing from Massapequa New York! The Cop Shop is Long Island's largest police and fire equipment store, not only specializing in uniforms and general gear, but also personalized gifts for law enforcement officers, firefighters, and other public safety professionals. Whether you're looking for a novelty [...]

ALTAI™ Retailer Spotlight: On Duty Supply Inc., Waldorf Maryland

Inland from the Potomac River, is one of our newest retailers, On Duty Supply, Inc. Located in Waldorf Maryland, On Duty Supply Inc. certainly deserves our Retailer Spotlight as a 100% Woman Owned and Operated Corporation. President Marie Windsor is a one-of-a-kind business owner; over 20 years experience in the public safety supply industry, which [...]

ALTAI™ Law Enforcement Highlight of the Week

This week, we have a Law Enforcement Highlight that will bring some laughter, despite this bitter winter weather. In Jordan Minnesota, police received a call to check on the welfare of a possibly deranged man. The caller described the man as standing outside, motionless, in the cold, with no coat, hugging a pillow. Now, if [...]