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The ALTAI™ Timeline: How Far We’ve Come

  Several years back in 2013, we had an inspiring vision of a boot that outperforms every other boot in its class in weight, durability, dryness, and comfort. With that main goal, we aim to construct our footwear with the most innovative, trusted materials out there. This is why every model of our boot uses SuperFabric® [...]

ALTAI™ Hero Update: Tyler the Donut Boy has a Surprise

It's time for another update from our young, inspiring hero, Tyler aka The Donut Boy! As Tyler turns 10, he has kicked off his birthday with a surprise journey to 10 lucky states with, yes, of course, donuts to thank the men and women of law enforcement. Be sure to follow his journey and stay [...]

ALTAI™ Fall Hiking Tips: 5 Important Things To Remember

It's officially fall and we know you adventurous types will be gearing up, embrace the cool autumn air, and venture out for an awe-inspiring journey. But like most things, staying up-to-date on best practices are always a good idea. When it comes to hiking, even more so; it can mean saving your life. Here are [...]

Introducing: the All New MFH200-Z

A new season has arrived and we have all new styles to tackle whatever obstacles you face this fall. Whether you're finishing up the last touches on that remodel, sneaking in those last minute yard projects, or simply extending your summer adventures into fall, any of these styles got you covered. Side-zip models in both [...]

Never Forget: 9/11 Remembrance Events

Sixteen years later and we still have not forgotten the tragedy of that day, September 11th, 2001. Whatever your political stance is, one thing we can all agree on: that day tested our country's strength and resilience, but we pulled through, together. And so, we at ALTAI™ would like to share events around the country that [...]

ALTAI™ Hero Update: Tyler the Donut Boy Heads to Houston

  We already know what an inspiration Tyler Carach, aka The Donut Boy, is to a multitude of communities. He has especially moved the law enforcement communities through his act of gratitude; thanking every cop he meets with a donut. But now, the Carach family are rolling up their sleeves and answering calls for help [...]

ALTAI™ Advice: Keep Your Hard-Working Feet Healthy and Happy

  It goes without saying, but it is important to always remember that the first step to having healthy, hard-working feet is having the right, comfortable fit from your footwear. For more information, including sizing and fit, you can learn more about the ALTAI™ experience here. If you stand at a station or a small [...]

ALTAI™ Advice: How Hard Work Will Improve Your Life

  Whether you have an office-bound job or a physically demanding one, if you’ve experienced the rush after a successful hands-on project, you understand the powerful mental benefits of working with your hands. Mental health experts have pointed out the all-around benefits of physical work, from improved sleep to increased learning abilities. Endorphins require the [...]

The Rise of the ‘Blue Collar’

  It may be surprising, but a resurgence in what are sometimes referred to as ‘blue collar’ jobs could be coming back stronger than you may have expected. With higher education costs continuing to rise, more younger groups are choosing pursuits like on-site training or job-specific certifications. While college is still a main goal for [...]