Law Enforcement BootIf you’re in law enforcement you know the importance of quality equipment. Regardless if you’re a local police officer, K-9 officer, highway patrol, sheriff or any other type of specialty officer – when the going gets tough, the tough get going. Quality footwear is a main aspect of an officer’s daily attire, as well as their badge, uniform and on hand weapons. All of these tools are utilized in order to keep the community safe. The ALTAI™ Tactical Boot was specifically designed to give law enforcement officials an edge in everything they do that includes their feet.

Stay Comfortable While Keeping Our Streets Safe

Some of the longest days in existence require round the clock officer attention. Whether it’s a national security threat, local incident or just another holiday weekend – officers around the U.S. are risking their lives and dedicating their personal time to help assure the safety of others. While you’re on duty stay comfortable in the ALTAI™ Tactical Boot. Not only to they have a sleek look, they are also breathable, stain resistant, water resistant, and slip resistant; these highly advanced boots also have an aggressive tread, in case the pace changes in a matter of seconds. We have specifically designed this boot to have a no ‘break in’ time, they are ready for action the second you take them out of the box and their comfort is unmatched.

Affordable Tactical Boot

Be ready for anything but relieved when it doesn’t have to come down that with affordable tactical boots that are just over $100 dollars. Don’t risk your financial security on tactical gear because with the ALTAI™ boots your set for years, both on and off duty. Don’t let this price fool you, check out our testimonials, we’ve got multiple people in the law enforcement field, survival experts and hiking enthusiast all ranting and raving that our boots don’t just compare to the biggest and best known brands out there but that we surpass the other leading brands and even their own personal expectations.

Your Best Defense

Uphold the law in any circumstances when you’re equipped with the ALTAI™ Tactical Boot. We’ve got the innovative design, quality materials and the overall advantage because of the materials we use. Say goodbye to full and heavy leather boots, finicky nylon and ‘spray on’ waterproof resistance and say hello to the combined benefits of SuperFabic®, VIBRAM® and EVA.

Purchase the ALTAI™ Tactical Boot now and receive free shipping, risk free 30 day returns, absolutely free size exchanges and experience how a comfortable, lightweight, quality boot actually feels. If you have any questions about our tactical boots call us today at 800-806-2611 or email us at