Law Enforcement BootIn order to protect the citizens of this great country, our law enforcement officials need to first protect themselves. Our officers are constantly on their feet all day defending and protecting everyone in sight! They deserve comfortable, tactical footwear that always delivers dependable performance! The ALTAI™ Tactical boot is made with quality construction that can face any obstacle that law enforcement officials may encounter! If you haven’t gotten these boots for your officer, you are certainly doing them a disservice!

Quality Boot Construction

  • Waterproof: Tested rigorously, ALTAI™ Tactical Footwear has been made to withstand constant water submersion. Some boots can falsely advertise “waterproof” by spraying a simple chemical on the boot that can wear off over time. ALTAI™ tactical boots are made up of materials and are constructed with inner liners that provide complete protection against water. Every material used in this product is used to repel and withstand water. This keeps toes nice and warm and prevents moisture from coming down into the boot.
  • Professional Look: The toe caps of the ALTAI™ Tactical law enforcement boots are 100% full grain leather. This is specifically designed for law enforcement officers that require their duty boots to have a polished toe. The laces of the boot are specifically designed for high speed and efficiency. They allow for continuous hold, without any loosening, keeping a professional and safe appearance.
  • Comfort: Made from a product known as SuperFabric®, the ALTAI™ Tactical Boot delivers dependable performance in the most comfortable way possible. SuperFabric® is flexible and breathable which allows comfort and oxygenation to the otherwise, covered foot. It is abrasion resistant and lightweight allowing our officers to run fast and hard when they need to! The ALTAI™ Boot’s sole is lightweight but also thick enough to protect themselves against sharp objects. It is shock absorbent so that no officer goes home with sore feet.

If you are a law enforcement officer or know one that needs a reliable work boot, the ALTAI™ Tactical Boot is the perfect fit, every time! Call us today at (800) 806-2611 or shop online now. Your feet will thank you!