Wearing shoes that are too big can cause many issues. If you want to enjoy your hike, make sure that your hiking boots fit right. It can be difficult to find a pair of hiking boots that fit correctly. This guide explains how to tell if hiking boots are too big, so read on to learn more.

Check the Toe Area

If you’re wondering how to tell if hiking boots are too big, check the toe area. There should be some room by the toe area, but not too much. If you prefer to wear thick socks with hiking boots, keep this in mind when you try them on. Hiking boots should be snug around the foot, but your toes shoes have some room. Many people leave a thumbs gap between their toe and the end of the boot.

Go for a Walk

When you get new hiking boots, it’s important to check how they feel while you walk. You can do this inside your home. Your heel shouldn’t move much while you walk. If your heel shifts while you walk, the hiking boots are too big. Your foot should stay in place as you walk. Make sure that you walk at different speeds as well to ensure that you don’t feel any pain. It’s also important to keep in mind that you walk uphill and downhill on hikes. You want your feet to remain in a secure position throughout.

Check for Support

While you walk around in the boots, make sure that your ankle is secure. Hiking boots provide support for the foot, but only if they fit correctly. Lace up the boots and make sure they’re snug around the ankles. If there’s too much room between the boot and the ankle, the hiking boots may be too big. Tie the laces snug around the ankle to provide support.

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