Your old work boots. You’ve put them through the ringer, day in and day out. But if your job is anything short of a desk job, you know how quickly that relationship ends. The typical work boot lasts anywhere from 7-8 months; we decided to push those limits and, once again, future material SuperFabric® was key in extending the durability of a reliable work boot.

Used in a variety of applications, SuperFabric® is the solution for many industrial-grade wear and tear problems. Many Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) companies incorporate the guard plated textile for some of the highest safety standards. Our boot engineers thought, “Hey, hard-working feet deserve that kind of durability out of one pair of boots, too.”

After 500 miles of training through rain, snow, hot weather, these pair have really shown their Born To Outperform™ roots. Many of our customers still have their original pair of MF Tactical boots from our early days! We’re proud to be give you exactly what we aimed to: a super-rugged, work boot that works as hard as you do and can also throw down in any tough situation.