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Law Enforcement BootAre you sick of buying a pair of work boots and wearing them out within a few months? Are you frustrated with the clunky pair of expensive boots that make your feet ache at the end of the day? Well, we have just the solution for you! At Altai™  we realize that there are too many expensive and non-quality boots on the market and we have decided to make a difference. Whether you reside in the Oakdale, Minnesota area, or you are anywhere else around the country, we are dedicated to providing you with a pair of durable boots that has unparalleled performance and will leave you with a new take on how a pair of boots should really feel!

Key Features of the ALTAI™ Durable Footwear

● Comfortable
● Light
● Flexible and Protective at the same time.
● Stain Resistant
● Elite Protection
● Dry Quickly
● Breathable
● Waterproof

The reason these boots are far superior than the competitors is because of the advanced technology and dedication put into our ALTAI™ durable footwear. Our boots are advanced in all aspects. From the upper boot all the way to the sole and laces, these durable boots have been thoroughly tested to meet the needs of all types of backgrounds. The upper portion of the boot is made up of SuperFabric, the same type of fabric used in motorcycle apparel, which gives you comfort, flexibility, and protection all at once! For the midsole, the same type of material used in running shoes is the makeup of these boots, allowing the flexibility that is so often non-existent in other boots. The use of VIBRAM® soles provides a lightweight and durable option for all boot lovers.

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Before you settle with another mediocre pair of boots, take a look at our quality boot products. Whether you’re looking for a new pair of hunting boots, work boots, or hiking boots, you’ve found the next big thing with Altai™. If you order today, we will ship your boots out within 24 hours, and your satisfaction is always guaranteed! Visit our testimonials online to see just how much our footwear is admired. If you have any questions, call our dedicated staff at (800) 806-2611, or email




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