Tyler Carach and “I DONUT Need a Reason to Thank a Cop”

Tyler “Donut Boy” Carach’s mission is to directly thank each individual Law Enforcement professional in the U.S. for their commitment and service to their communities. To support Tyler’s mission, ALTAI™ Footwear teamed up with “I DONUT Need a Reason to Thank a Cop” to outfit two U.S. Law Enforcement Departments with FREE ALTAI™ Boots! Check out Tyler’s video!

Tyler Carach: Donut Boy

Tyler CarachIt’s not every day you meet an inspiring young man like Tyler Carach, also known as ‘Donut Boy.’ Tyler has a unique mission that caught our attention, and we want to highlight what he’s doing for the men and women of Law Enforcement. And what’s Tyler up to? We’ll let him tell you!

“In August 2016, while I was at a local store, I saw four deputies and asked if I could use my allowance money to buy them their favorite snack… donuts!” The officers appreciated Tyler’s kindness so much, he made up his mind to give away donuts to every cop in America!

As of March 2018, Tyler’s program covered 27 states and provided 50,000 donuts to law enforcement officers. He’s still doing what he does best, thanking his heroes and best friends for the sacrifices they make for us all every day. Tyler told us, “I LOVE thanking them, and they LOVE being thanked! I have a few more years to go before I can hold the line, but until then, I’ll spend every day being thankful for their commitment, dedication, and sacrifices!” Tyler plans to continue his program after he enters a law enforcement career himself, hopefully on a SWAT team or as a K-9 officer! #FutureK9Officer

Tyler’s passion for thanking every cop in America comes from his family’s strong support and history with law enforcement. His mother Sheena told us, “We’re a strong, supporting family of law enforcement. I’m a former law enforcement officer myself, so I know what they go through every single day. So, it’s really amazing to be able to watch Tyler make a difference. Something as simple as a donut says ‘Thank You’!”

Keep up with Tyler’s mission by visiting him at his Facebook Page, on Twitter, Instagram, or on his website at www.idonutneedareasontothankacop.com.

How can you support Tyler’s noble cause?


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