Boot for Men & WomenLooking for a quality boot for less? Check out our discount selection of tactical boots, which currently includes a Brown Hiking Boot, a Tan High Top Military Boot & a Tan Low Top Military Boot. These boots are a proud product of ALTAI™ and can weather the terrain under your soles. These boots are part of our second generation. Our full priced boots offer added features, such as advanced mudguards, which are a hit but our clearance tactical boot still have the many benefits of our full priced boots.

Benefits of our Tactical Boots

  • Lightweight – You will immediately be surprised when you pick our boots up, even our high tops, our tactical boots are an average of 5 ounces lighter than the average tactical boots.
  • Flexible – Footwear needs to be flexible for both comfort and protection and our boots offer exactly that.
  • Waterproof – Just as all our tactical boots, our clearance models are also waterproof and will get you through wet environments comfortably.
  • Protective – The armored protection of Superfabric is second to none and all of our tactical boots, including our clearance selection, are covered in it.
  • Comfortable – Comfort is necessary if you’re going to even consider to wear them ever. Our boots are built to comfort your feet right out of the box, not make you break them in.

ALTAI™ Tactical Boots are Built with

  • SuperFabric
  • EVA

Quality Boots at a Bargain of a Price

All the protection of ALTAI™ on your feet for under $100! That is what our discontinued tactical boots can get you. So order your pair online and pay no shipping at all, even if you exchange sized or return the boot entirely.  We enjoy creating boots that outperform everyone’s expectations and our discounted boots are no different. Check to see if we have your size on our clearance selection through our website.

Want to See The Entire ALTAI™ Tactical Boot Selection?!

There are many ways to check all of our boots out…You could shop through our entire boot selection online, come to our Woodbury, Minnesota showroom or find another local Midwest ALTAI™ retailer that has our boots on their showroom floor. Popular retailers include Streicher’s, Uniforms Unlimited, Gear West and more…. Feel the comfort, protection, durability and be ready for whatever your next step is. If you have any more questions check out our FAQ page or call the ALTAI™ team directly by phone at 800-806-2611 or email

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