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Tactical Boot Sale Oakdale

Altai Showroom in Oakdale MNAre you in Oakdale and looking to purchase a tactical boot that you can try on? Stop by our ALTAI™ showroom to try on a few of our latest tactical boot selections. Our entire line of quality Multi-Functional Tactical Boots are here, at our showroom, just sitting on the shelf and you are there reading, searching and in need of a new boot that can stand with you. Read Full Post

A Boot Worth Investing In

Tactical BootsTake a step in the right direction and invest in a boot that will conquer more terrain than any of the last. Our tactical boots have been created, tested and worn to outperform! See the countless product testimonials from people, just like you, that have invested in this boot and have been more than happy with it. Read Full Post

Boots for the Weekend Warriors

Tacical BootsNeed to tackle a job this weekend? Maybe it’s the only spare time you have to get the things that require a lot of time and effort to complete. That’s more than okay. Many of us are working 9-5, that doesn’t leave much time for personal feats or home improvements or on the weekdays – so, of course, we are the Warriors of the Weekend! Read Full Post

Comfortable Tactical Boot

comforable-tactical-bootsAre your dogs barking? Then it is about time you listen to them…the next footwear you purchase should be able to get the job done and keep your feet comfortable. We have a full line of industry-leading tactical boot designs created to endure the rocky patches while you make it out scot-free and ready for more. Read Full Post

First Boots on the Ground

side zip tactical boot On any given work day, a healthy portion of my time is spent tucked away in a cubicle, aiding in a myriad of administrative functions aimed at assuring daily operations run smoothly. But outside of business hours, my life is far from stationary. Between two dogs demanding outlets for their energy and a wife that loves any activity (as long as it involves running), I am always on the move. I believe it is for this reason that I was selected by the team to be the first wear test for the new Altai MFT100-Z… Read Full Post

Tactical Boot Sale

ALTAI Tactical BootsIt is just before fall and every boot available is on sale while supply’s last! Take on your beautiful leaf changing hikes with a brand-new low cost tactical boot. Built to last with you during any of your battles. Whether you are climbing up and down the Grand Canyon… Read Full Post

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