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Tactical Law Enforcement Boots

Tactical BootsAn On-Duty Boot has to keep up with the circumstances that arise and our line of quality tactical law enforcement footwear is scientifically designed to do just that! Choose from our selection of black, tan, brown, high top and low top all designed for men and women in law enforcement and in general. Read Full Post

All Day Comfort & Security in our Tactical Boot

Rugged Tactical FootwearWe have designed a tactical boot line developed for all day comfort and security. Our secret is in the ingredients… when you look further you will see that our boots aren’t made with your normal textile, they are not the normal ‘bulky’ shaped tactical boot, they are more versatile than the normal tactical boot, in fact, there is nothing normal about our footwear. Read Full Post

Tactical Boots for Extreme Weather Conditions

Tactical FootwearThe thing about tactical gear is that you need it to perform to or above your expectations or it could compromise your situation. The tactical boots we have designed are perfect for the days when the sun shines and when the clouds are gray. If you are looking for quality tactical boots to withstand extreme weather conditions ALTAI™ will protect like no other. Read Full Post

Tactical Footwear on Sale

On Sale Tacical FootwearFor most of us, walking is as easy as putting one step in front of the other. Now, buying the right Tactical Footwear doesn’t claim the same ease. ALTAI™ wants to change that! We are making it easy and affordable to purchase quality tactical boots that outperform your expectations in every situation. Read Full Post

Outdoor Tactical Boots

Waterproof BootsOutdoor tactical boots come in many shapes, sizes and materials but not many can compete with the performance of our ALTAI™ Tactical Boots. Below is a video of a review from GhostHawk Prepper. He takes a machete to it and a fresh razor blade…Don’t you want to see the results from our Black Tactical Boot?! Read Full Post

On Sale Fall Hiking Boot

On Sale Fall Hiking BootLooking for a pair of on sale, fall hiking boots can be tough but, it does not have to be when shopping here at ALTAI™ footwear. There isn’t much better than purchasing a brand new pair of indestructible boots for a lesser price! On the one side, you have the comfort, durability and construction of a wonderful brand of footwear. Then, on the other side, you have substantial savings that will keep your money where it belongs, in your pocket! Read Full Post

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