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Police Boot

Police Footwear“A cop has a calling. It’s not about making money. Being a cop is about making communities safe, caring for children, and doing what it takes to stop someone from hurting another person.” -Anonymous

Everyday officers risk their lives to protect their communities. When the uniform goes on, the laces are tied, and the badge is placed close to their heart. Read Full Post

Correctional Officer Boots

Tactical Duty FootwearThe role of a Correctional Officer has evolved into one of a Law Enforcement Professional on the inside of the walls of justice. A Corrections Officer is tasked with protecting inmates from each other while helping to rehabilitate those who need a second chance. The job provides no recognition for bravery even though lives are on the line every day. Read Full Post

Why Police Leave Squad Cars Running

PolicePeople are curious about police-related things, and occasionally a citizen would ask me why I left my squad running. This is a good question – many police officers are asked this; and it stems from general concern for conservation and impact on the environment. Read Full Post

To My Children

Law Enforcement BootSometimes there were tough days at work. Days that left me shaking my head and wondering how people can treat each other so cruelly; wondering what made me sign up to bear witness to it; and wondering how to emotionally survive it. The badge gives officers a lot of power, but man there were plenty of times I felt powerless to effect meaningful change in the lives of those who needed it most… Read Full Post