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Booted From a Good Job, Landed in a Better One

Welcome Buddy MartinLet me tell you right now – half the time since I’ve been gone, I feel like I never left. I dream about it every night – haunted by it really. A few of the dreams are humorous, many are foggy, and the rest are bad. Last night I dreamt I went to a call at the B/Barclay apartments for teenagers who were breaking into an apartment through a ground-floor window. It was dark and when I got there and one of them ran from me. I caught up to him and dragged him down. He was face-up, and as I knelt over him he pulled a gun and pointed it at my face… Read Full Post

ALTAI™ Welcomes New Employee Don White

The ALTAI Team When it comes to adding new employees to the ALTAI™ team, an energetic, experienced, and charismatic individual is a must have. Well, recently ALTAI™ found exactly who we had been looking for in Don White. Don has been an avid ALTAI™ tactical boot wearer even before he came on staff. After falling in love with our boots, he wanted to be a part of the ALTAI™ team to help sell our one of a kind tactical boots. Read Full Post

Meet ALTAI Team Member: Sean Thompson

Sean and SasqwatchMeet The ALTAI™ Team!

Our Focus This Month:
Hello, my name is Sean Thompson (the one on the left). I am a proud Team Member at ALTAI™ Gear, home of the revolutionary Multipurpose Tactical Footwear. My ALTAI™ career began with Higher Dimension Materials, Inc. in October of 2012. My responsibilities included both the Sales and Marketing of SuperFabric® textiles. I then went on to join the ALTAI™ team full time in… Read Full Post