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How to Dress for Hiking in Cold Weather

How to Dress for Hiking in Cold Weather

When it is winter or you are visiting a northerly region, hiking presents a way to stay active despite the weather. It also presents an opportunity to appreciate the natural beauty of the landscape as unblemished blankets of freshly-fallen snow cover it. But to keep yourself safe and comfortable, you need to wear the appropriate [...]

Men’s Lightweight Tactical Footwear

Men’s Lightweight Tactical FootwearFor you active men out there, we have created a boot that will suit your lifestyle needs. ALTAI™ Footwear’s lightweight waterproof tactical boots are great for military, police, and firemen, but also serve as great footwear for the adventurers of the world. These are the best hiking boots of 2017. Durability – These multi-functional boots are made with the highest quality material. They are built to last through the roughest terrain. Whether you’re walking in rain or sunshine, you will be able to rest-easy knowing that your adventure or duty will not be interrupted by issues with your boots. They are great for any and all terrain and weather.

Waterproof Hiking Boot

Waterproof hiking bootHiking in the great outdoors can lead to many unexpected encounters. Some good, like meeting a friendly deer or squirrel and others can be more challenging, such as tipped over trees, muddy trails, or higher than normal water crossings. Read Full Post

Waterproof Hiking Boot for The North Shore

Hiking BootsDo you consider nature your playground? Then boy, do we have a boot for you…and girl. ALTAI™ has created a hiking boot that stands up to anything you put under it. Our VIBRAM soles and Superfabric textile utilization brings our Brown Hiking Boots to the next level, the level that outperforms the next. Read Full Post

Autumn Hiking Boot Sale

Quality Hiking BootFor the avid hiker or even the occasional explorer, owning a pair of ALTAI™ multi-functional boots is a must! For a short time, we are currently offering a rugged hiking boot on sale! If you have an adventurous spirit and your feet take you through the toughest of terrains. Read Full Post

Brown Hiking Boot

Hiking bootsLooking to get out and explore nature? If so, the ALTAI™ Hiking Boot is the perfect hiking footwear solution. Comfort, flexibility, water resistance and durability all in one multi-functional boot. Go see the waterfalls, mountains, forests and rivers knowing your feet are covered. Our boots come in both Men and Woman sizes and are comfortable right out of the box. Read Full Post