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First Boots on the Ground

side zip tactical boot On any given work day, a healthy portion of my time is spent tucked away in a cubicle, aiding in a myriad of administrative functions aimed at assuring daily operations run smoothly. But outside of business hours, my life is far from stationary. Between two dogs demanding outlets for their energy and a wife that loves any activity (as long as it involves running), I am always on the move. I believe it is for this reason that I was selected by the team to be the first wear test for the new Altai MFT100-Z… Read Full Post

Product Review of ALTAI Boots in Action

Tactical FootwearThis day in age, product reviews have never had a greater impact on business success. Before the internet, it was a lot harder to find reliable reviews on products that you were interested in. Now, reviews are posted on company websites and can easily be found on search engines as well. When it comes to quality tactical boots, hearing reviews from individuals that have truly tested boots is very important in the purchasing process. Read Full Post

Durable and Easy to Clean Boots

Results of quick cleanWhen searching for a pair of reliable tactical boots for your job or leisure activities, there are certain requirements that need to be in place. With tactical boots, it is important that they are easy to clean and last a long time. There is no sense in continuously buying new boots because the soles wear out in a month, or they get too dirty and cannot be cleaned. Read Full Post