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ALTAI™ Thanks You! Happy Thanksgiving

We can't say it enough: Thank You, Thank You... THANK YOU! Every year, around Thanksgiving, we are reminded of how grateful we are to all our customers and hardworking boot teams. From wicked paintballers to the quality inspectors that keep our boots Born To Outperform, we at ALTAI™ want to thank each and every one [...]

ALTAI™ Pro Tip: Sketch Your Way To Becoming A Better Hunter

Today’s blog post is brought to you by our fabulous blogger and outdoor guru, Katlyn Spade. Tracking animals and landing a kill requires a creative mindset, but 78% of workers feel they lack creative abilities. One way to improve your hunting is by honing this skill, so consider combining the hunt with a creative activity like [...]

ALTAI™ Pro Tip: Choosing The Right Socks

Behind every great pair of boots, is a great pair of socks. We’ve all experienced a horrible mismatch between the two: too hot, too ‘slippery,’ blistery, the list goes on. Finding the right match between which socks to wear with your boots can mean a world of difference while you’re on your feet for extended [...]

ALTAI™ Pro Tip: A Clean Hunt

Today's blog post is brought to you by our fabulous blogger and outdoor guru, Katlyn Spade. Keeping Your Hunting Gear Clean And Bacteria-Free With the recent warning from the CDC that a hunter may have contracted tuberculosis from a deer, many hunters are paying particular attention to their health and hygiene practices this season. An important [...]

ALTAI™ and Donut Boy: National Boot Giveaway

“12 year old Florida native is travelling the country to show appreciation to the men and women of Law Enforcement.” Tyler Carach, aka: “The Donut Boy,” has been on a cross country mission to thank Law Enforcement for their service since August 1, 2016. He has thanked Officers in all 50 states and served them [...]

ALTAI™ Pro Tip: What You Need To Know About Winter Camping

Winter is a special season to enjoy the Great Outdoors, especially if you go camping. Most people have given up on braving the cold, snow, and wind, so serenity and isolation are at their peak. Here are some important tips to keep in mind to ensure a safe, enjoyable time during this magical season. Pack [...]