Waterproof Construction Boots

ALTAI Work BootsModel MFM100-ZS

Work is hard enough. You need a boot that wards off fatigue and won’t tire out your legs or feet. ALTAI® waterproof construction boots are the answer. These boots offer much-needed support for workers who are on their feet all day, and the lightweight breathability keeps feet cool and comfortable.

The right rugged work boots can give you greater stamina during the most exhausting tasks. ALTAI® combines stability and durability in an outdoor work shoe that’s impossible to beat. On top of the incredible foot and ankle support, these durable work boots are fast-drying, so you can keep working even when your feet get wet. Check out our waterproof construction boots to improve your workday. Our MFM100-ZS zip-up work boot can keep you going.

ALTAI® Lightweight Tactical Advantage includes:

  • SuperFabric® material is strong abrasion/scuff-resistance, lightweight and breathable

  • YKK® side zipper makes for quick on/off while also providing sturdy ankle and leg support

  • Tan color is easy to clean and stain-resistant

  • 6” height provides the flexibility you require to tackle your job—whether you’re on a roof, in a trench, hauling materials, or anywhere in between

MSP Commercial Roofing YouTube work boot reviewHear what our customers have to say about ALTAI® work boots!



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