Waterproof Work Boots


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Work is hard enough. You need a boot that wards off fatigue and won’t tire out your legs or feet. Let the MFM100-S work boot from ALTAI™ do the work that your feet normally do.

Patented SuperFabric® material

Patented SuperFabric® material provides the strong abrasion/scuff resistance you need to protect against the demands and unexpected obstacles of the daily grind, while it also makes the boot lightweight and breathable. Additionally, the SuperFabric® composition means the boot won’t crease at the toe.

Tan color

Tan color is the look you want, and the SuperFabric® material is stain resistant, so the boot is easy to clean.

6" height

6” height provides the flexibility you require to tackle your job—whether you’re on a roof, down in a trench, hauling materials, or anywhere in between.