Women’s Waterproof Tactical Boots

ALTAI MFT100-Z BootModel MFT100-Z

At ALTAI®, we designed footwear with men and women in mind. Our boots are gender-neutral, which means our women’s waterproof tactical boots offer the same multifunctional durability as our men’s. With these boots on her feet, any woman can go the distance in comfort and style.

Our women’s boots satisfy every need—from rugged hiking boots to functional work boots, ALTAI® has you covered. Each boot features durable SuperFabric®, which provides moisture-wicking breathability and resists abrasions and tears. With ALTAI®, you also get a great walking boot for urban exploration, outdoor excursions, and more. Superior traction helps you keep your footing in any terrain.

For women to get the best fit, we recommend selecting a size that’s one and a half below what you would usually wear. If you’re ready to hit the ground running in the most comfortable footwear on the market, check out our women’s waterproof tactical boots now. We have low- and high-cut options in black, brown, and tan.

ALTAI® Lightweight Tactical Advantage includes:

  • SuperFabric® material provides strong abrasion-resistance, making our boot lightweight and breathable

  • 8” height means sturdy ankle and leg support and additional waterproofing

  • Polishable leather toe keeps you looking professional and provides additional waterproofing

  • YKK® side zipper option offers quick on/off

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