Waterproof Urban Boots

Model MFM100-Z

If you need heavy-duty footwear to explore the city, ALTAI® has you covered. We offer durable, waterproof urban boots to help you navigate the elements in any environment. Our multi-functional footwear keeps you comfortable for all-day sightseeing or a busy, chaotic schedule. They’re also ideal for urban explorers who traverse some of the city’s most treacherous and historical points of interest.

ALTAI® urban walking boots are resistant to abrasions, lacerations, and other surface damage, which ultimately protects your feet from the same risks. Our patented SuperFabric® also stays strong against water and mud, so you can prepare for whatever weather lies ahead. Check out our waterproof urban boots to hit the streets in style and comfort. Your feet will thank you!

ALTAI® Lightweight Tactical Advantage includes:

  • Patented SuperFabric® material is strong abrasion/scuff resistance, lightweight and breathable.

  • YKK® side zipper makes for quick on, quick off while also providing sturdy ankle and leg support

  • Tan color is easy to clean and stain resistant

  • 8” height means sturdy ankle and leg support and additional waterproofing



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