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If you wear a uniform for work, odds are you are probably on your feet for hours at a time. You end your day with sore feet, aching ankles, and overall fatigue in your entire lower body. Keep your feet and mind at ease with the MFT100-ZS uniform boot from ALTAI™.
Side zipper
Side zipper makes for quick on, quick off while also providing sturdy ankle and leg support.
Patented SuperFabric® material
Patented SuperFabric® material provides strong abrasion/scuff resistance, while it also makes the boot lightweight and breathable.
Polishable leather toe
Polishable leather toe keeps you looking professional, and also provides additional waterproofing.
Black color
Black color is a great overall look, but also easy to clean, so you maintain that great look before, during, and after your shift. Also, the outsoles are non-marking, so the only traces you leave behind are the smart impressions you leave on others.
6" height
6” height is good for standing, sitting, or even driving—so you are always mobile.