Best Tactical Boot Choice - Lightweight WaterproofALTAI™ boots are your best choice for a rugged and durable pair of tactical boots. The ALTAI™ tactical boot comes from a respected brand of tactical, hiking, and work/uniform boots that are sold nationally. These boots use the patented SuperFabric® upper, which is an amazing light and durable fabric that is composed of tiny armor plates that prove to be durable, stain-resistant, and quick to dry. The SuperFabric® upper is wedded to the classic and almost indestructible VIBRAM® sole. And when combined, the boot you place on your foot is breathable, protective, comfortable, and (arguably most important) perfectly suited to your task at hand.

ALTAI™ Boots Can Take You Anywhere

If you are wearing your ALTAI™ boots for work or a leisure activity of some kind, you will be standing in comfort. If you are testing your boots at the outer limits of their utility in outdoor environments, you will soon know how important it was to have selected this pair of ALTAI™ boots. If you are on a hike in the mountains of Montana or Utah, for example, the breathability and support provided by your ALTAI™ boots will help you meet the challenges of the terrain. If you are on a backcountry trip in the lakes region of Minnesota or on the Appalachian Trail, where it is far more likely that you will encounter wet conditions, you will find that the ALTAI™ boots on your feet keep you dry. And when the day is done, the SuperFabric® that composes the upper of your boots will dry faster than virtually every other boot on the market.

Comfortable, Supportive, Breathable Tactical Boots

If you search online, you will find no shortage of Tactical Boot options. But the Tactical Boots trusted by experts are those made by ALTAI™. Our lightweight and waterproof tactical boots are built to not only comply with regulations, but to be easy to clean and easy to chase down a suspect. Additionally, these boots are 8 inches tall, which offers extra support for your ankles when carrying out the duties of your job. ALTAI™ boots are made for both men and women, so you have a large selection of sizing options to fit your feet. Small or large, wide or narrow, there is an ALTAI™ Tactical Boot that will fit you. And when you are on an extra-long shift or on a long slog in the woods or some other kind of mission, you will want to be wearing a boot that remains comfortable and supportive.
After a long shift, most people simply cannot wait to get their boots off their feet. It is the first thing most of us do when we get home after a long day on the job, no matter what that job is. The ALTAI™ Tactical Boot, however, will challenge that. You may find yourself exhausted after a long day, but only later realize that your boots are still on your feet. Call (800) 806-2611 or email for more information.