If you have a complex system for lacing your boots to fit your unique needs, then we challenge you to a new, simpler way to keep your feet comfortable and snug, without wasting any extra time.

While some lacing systems like the Ladder lacing system offer a secure fit, we wanted to save you time when gearing up. As you can see in the video, this might be an okay solution for ill-fitting boots, but we took the design of our boot to eliminate the need for any complicated lacing techniques.

Our boots’ eyelets are specifically designed for our Speed Lacing system, which is as intuitive as tying a tennis shoe, but faster. In order to cut down the time it takes to gear up for police officers and other first responders, our boots were intended to be laced up in a straight forward manner with minimal time involved; all while ensuring a secure fit for a hard day at work (or play!).

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Due to COVID-19 restrictions affecting production, some product sizes are temporarily out of stock, or may experience brief shipping delays. Rest assured, we’re working hard to get you the boots you’re looking for! Please contact us directly to place an order that will process when your selection becomes available.