Today on our blog, we turn our heads to some of our best key features; what sets our boots apart from the rest. One component definitely stands apart, quite noticeably, our SuperFabric® uppers.

Breathable AND waterproof, resistant to scuffs and scrapes, SuperFabric® is the ultimate in lightweight durability. Without heavy leather than can weigh even more when soaked, this space-age material allows our boots to stand up to the toughest of elements, all while remaining ultra lightweight and, therefore, easier on your feet and stamina.

“SuperFabric® is created by taking a fabric and infusing tiny, hard guard plates into the fabric. An array of colors, patterns (armor), and fabric make the versatility of SuperFabric® unmatched. Because SuperFabric® guard plates have small gaps between each plate, the SuperFabric® remains flexible, similar to traditional materials.” –

Every pair of ALTAI™ boots are made with SuperFabric®, giving you a lighter, tougher boot, without compromising in weight. On top of that, cleaning your ALTAI™ boots so they look fresh and new is so easy, you’ll be wondering why you ever had leather or nylon boots before.

For a complete lineup of every style featuring this amazing boot material, visit our shop.


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Due to COVID-19 restrictions affecting production, some product sizes are temporarily out of stock, or may experience brief shipping delays. Rest assured, we’re working hard to get you the boots you’re looking for! Please contact us directly to place an order that will process when your selection becomes available.