Each day, we will highlight one branch of the military that deserves recognition in honor of this coming Friday, May 20th, Armed Forces Day. Today, we put the spotlight on the men and women who serve the Army, perhaps the most well-known branch of the Armed Forces.

The oldest branch of the Armed Forces, even older than the country itself, is also one of the largest employers in the United States (only second to Walmart). With its early beginnings as various bands of scrappy militias, it now reaches impressive heights of influence around the world. In fact, if the Army was a US city, it would be the tenth largest, overall; that’s 158 installations, world-wide.

And tough? You bet! On 72-hour missions, 30 soldiers that make up an infantry platoon must haul 400 pounds of batteries to power equipment. And on the subject of tough, of course, we have to spotlight the infamous Rangers who pioneered the way for modern guerrilla warfare.

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