Few people are as hard on their boots as paintball celebrities David “REAPER” Justin and Philene “queenpaintballassassin” Harte. So when the infamous Clown vs Zombies event rolled around, we had to meet up with them and get them into ALTAIgear.

Lasting hours on end (or sometimes days!), Big Games/Scenario Games simulate a historical or situational setting and push extreme limits of tactical abilities, teamwork, communication, marksmanship, and overall physical endurance. Explaining the benefits of ALTAI™ boots in different scenarios is David “REAPER” Justin, host of ShootUSoon Radio, and Weltz Paintball owner Philene Harte (follow @queenpaintballassassin on Instagram). Hear about their experiences in our boots as fellow paintball junkie, Ryan Z Nomads Ziegler, gets to grill them with questions on how our boots perform for them.

When it comes to real world proof of a darn good boot, don’t take our word for it; take theirs!